Help your customers help themselves!

Smart Tribune delivers a suite of self-service solutions (‘Smart’ Help Centre, In-context Web widget, Chatbot…) that help you deliver a better customer experience whilst reducing your support costs.

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Our self-service solutions

Five SaaS tools to transform your customer relationship, steering your customers towards intuitive, contextual & pertinent support information at each stage of the digital journey. With best-practice built-in!

Anticipate your customers’ questions to enrich the digital experience


Automate a conversation with your users – in their language


Centralise your knowledge in an easy-to-search, fully customisable Help Centre. Search-engine optimised from day one


Give your customers a space to talk amongst themselves

Equip your agents with the up-to-date, accurate information they need

What do we mean by “self-service”?

Giving your customers the means to answer their own questions, at any time, on any device and in a way that comes naturally to them.

Offer a better customer experience

Timely, in-context, accurate – responses to your customers’ questions that will blow them away.

Take the strain off your contact centres

By finding answers to the majority of their questions themselves, your customers will be in touch less. When they do reach out, you know it will be when it really matters & when you can help the most.

Reduce your support costs

With Smart Tribune, reduce your dependence on traditional, budget-hungry support methods.

How we see self-service 

Did you know?
  • 72% of internet users prefer finding answers online rather than contacting a customer support agent*
    *Source: Forrester study
  • 80% of support requests will be processed by self-service tools and community forums by 2020*
    *Source: Forrester study
  • 60% of internet users make their purchases in the evening and over the weekend, when customer service centres are offline*
    *Source: Harris interactive

Help your customers help themselves

Smart Tribune solutions integrated across the digital journey

A responsive & fully customisable Help Centre

70% of requests are resolved on the spot, without input from a customer support agent.

Offer in-context support throughout the customer journey with an embedded Help widget. A Help Centre embedded within any page of your site, offering fully branded, at-a-glance support where your customers need it.

Deflect tickets away from your support team with integrated Help Centre search functionality in your contact form. Our sophisticated algorithms will suggest relevant articles based on user keywords, driving your customers to your Help Centre, rather than your agents.


Use data to track & prioritise the most frequently asked questions for your bot to handle.


Make better use of your agents’ time: Leverage the power of AI to handle high-volume, straightforward requests leaving your agents free to focus on more complex support requests.


Keep it conversational! With advanced Natural Language Processing, your customers can communicate with your Bot in a language that comes naturally to them.

Smart Push DPD

Personalised web widget

Offer your users personalised assistance every step of the way with Smart Push: A contextual web widget, fully customisable to integrate seamlessly with your overall brand. Smart Push can appear on any page offering relevant support to your users’ most pressing questions.

Personalise the customer experience by suggesting relevant information at the right time. Adapt suggested articles based on a user’s profile (first time customer v returning customer) and where they are on your site (homepage, checkout…).


Community forum

Encourage a sense of community & advocacy for your brand by developing a space for your customers to discuss, share and create.


Inspire your influencers and identify future ambassadors.


Enrich your Help Centre content with topics surfaced by your community.

An internal knowledge base to support your teams

Designed with your support teams in mind: Help your agents surface accurate, up-to-date information in time for their next call. Help your support leaders streamline the distribution of content, at scale.

Where enriching your knowledge base becomes second nature: More than just another ‘shared folder’.  Smart Knowledge makes creating, updating and searching content a piece of cake. Agents get all the information they need at their fingertips, with the odd gif, video, emoji thrown in for fun.

Quantify the success of your self-service implementation by letting your data speak!

At the back end of each product, our Smart Dashboard lets you see and understand your data. Satisfaction scores, keywords, searches with 0 results
 Let data guide you to a better customer experience

Smart Tribune Back Office Satisfaction
Easy-to-deploy SAAS cloud solutions

Quick, simple to use… All the best of SaaS

Cloud hosted & cloud stored – Smart Tribune takes the complication out of a self-service deployment, letting you focus on your business and your customers. And don’t worry about GDPR, we’ve got that sorted too.


A flexible & fully-customisable suite of products

Each product is fully customisable to seamlessly integrate with your brand, your design & your needs.


Advice & assistance from Self-service Experts

From initial project scope to post-launch data analysis & optimisation, Smart Tribune will guide & accompany you at each step. Our teams will manage your implementation from A – Z, so you can focus on supporting your customers, not grappling with software.

  • « We have managed to significantly reduce the time we spend processing questions, while also improving our services, thanks to feedback from our users. Thanks a lot Smart Tribune! »

    Damien Jordan - Head of CommunicationHETIC
  • « As a company that focuses heavily on contact rates Ouigo is passionate about self-service support methods as we see it as beneficial for both the company and our customers. The idea being to empower our customers with pertinent, everywhere, anytime access to support information so they can help themselves. »

    Cecile Delalieu - Head of Customer RelationshipOUIGO
  • « We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with Smart Tribune, not only by the quality of the Help Centre solution itself (integration with current system, configuration, flexibility, reliability and access to reliable data) but also with their guidance, leadership & willingness to listen to our needs (understanding our issues, project management, professional and technical relations, tailored widgets). »

    direct energie
    Thierry Moussu - Head of Digital RelationsDirect Energie

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