Smart Agent


Your ticket to happier customers

Smart Agent is your support team’s secret weapon for delivering exceptional customer service. Think of it as a central hub that puts the most up-to-date information from your knowledge base directly in your agents’ hands, 24/7. Smart Agent equips your support team with a powerful and easy-to-use interface that makes answering customer questions with real-time accuracy a breeze. Even more, it gives contact centre managers new ways to boost team productivity by being able to share critical support information at scale faster and easier than ever before


Let Smart Agent unlock your contact centre’s true potential once and for all.


Reduce the time
it takes to resolve customer inquiries


Empower agents
to resolve inquiries on the first contact


Boost agent retention and overall job satisfaction

The Smart Agent difference

Supercharge existing tools.

Seamlessly integrate our searchable, comprehensive, and easy-to-update Smart Agent interface into your existing customer support software.

Boost customer satisfaction.

Reduce average resolution time and increase the number of one-touch tickets by putting the right information in the hands of your customer support agents.

Drive agent effectiveness.

Minimize the amount of time and money invested in agent training and, instead, give agents the time back to solve real customer problems by providing them with access to accurate, up-to-date information at all times.

Position agents for success.

Give agents added confidence in their customer interactions by equipping them with the right responses to any questions they may face, positioning them as true collaborators throughout the customer service experience.

Tailor responses by channel.

Provide agents with quick and easy ways to adapt to how they respond to customer questions across any and every communication channel.

Improve job satisfaction.

Increase agent productivity and reduce employee turnover by putting the best tools and information at agents’ fingertips, helping them be more satisfied and effective with every customer interaction.

A centralised knowledge base to support your teams

Smart Knowledge FAQ

Quickly find the right answers to customer questions with the help of our powerful, natural language-based search engine.

Alert agents to time-sensitive, business-critical information directly via a single, central interface.

Leverage agent feedback, based on their conversations with actual customers, to optimise and improve support content over time.

Smart Agent screen 2

Distribute relevant and accurate customer support information to all agents at scale.

Make instant updates to support content quickly and easily, ensuring agents always have access to the latest, most accurate information at all times.

Invite agents to weigh in on the overall effectiveness and accuracy of support content.

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