Smart Agent


Your ticket to happier customers

Smart Agent is your support team’s secret weapon for delivering exceptional customer service. Think of it as a central hub that puts the most up-to-date information from your knowledge base directly in your agents’ hands, 24/7. Smart Agent equips your support team with a powerful and easy-to-use interface that makes answering customer questions with real-time accuracy a breeze. Even more, it gives contact centre managers new ways to boost team productivity by being able to share critical support information at scale faster and easier than ever before


Let Smart Agent unlock your contact centre’s true potential once and for all.

A knowledge solution that works!

Benefit from a support team
that is more independent!

Boost the number of one-touch tickets,
reduce your average resolution time!
A key driver for customer satisfaction

Forewarned is forearmed!
Your teams will always have access
to the most up to date information.

Build knowledge sharing
into the daily routine.

Adapt your agents’ message
to varying communication channels.

Make life easier 
for your agents.

A centralised knowledge base to support your teams

Smart Knowledge FAQ

Quickly find the right answers to customer questions with the help of our powerful, natural language-based search engine.

Alert agents to time-sensitive, business-critical information directly via a single, central interface.

Leverage agent feedback, based on their conversations with actual customers, to optimise and improve support content over time.

Smart Agent screen 2

Distribute relevant and accurate customer support information to all agents at scale.

Make instant updates to support content quickly and easily, ensuring agents always have access to the latest, most accurate information at all times.

Invite agents to weigh in on the overall effectiveness and accuracy of support content.

Creating a next generation Support Agent

Clear, precise & immediately accessible – information to deliver a better customer experience

Encourage the sharing of knowledge and seamlessly update your knowledge database.

Early bird or night owl… your agent’s can train themselves at any time, 24/7.

Increasingly performant & closely integrated in the success of your company

Smart Tribune processes over 0
questions & answers for thousands of users, each and every month.

Let us guide you to self-service support

Explore our full suite of bespoke customer self-service solutions

Our innovative, highly personalised, and powerful customer self-service solutions
put customers at the very heart of the customer service experience.

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