Smart Bot

Never put your customers ‘on hold’ again


 A dedicated virtual support agent, that doesn’t take a lunch break! Leveraging the power of machine learning & available 24/7, Smart Bot responds to your customers’ questions in real-time or seamlessly redirects the user to an agent for anything requiring a human touch.

An assistant that never sleeps!


Let your Smart Bot take the strain,
answering up to 80% of common questions.

Free up your switchboard & clear your inbox.

Resolve your high frequency, low touch tickets & give your agents more bandwidth to handle more complex issues.

Get ahead of the competition by employing a 24/7 AI assistant for an unrivalled customer experience.

A seamless process

Instant & accurate – responses based on semantics, natural language processing & keywords – in any language.

Boost your Bot’s knowhow with access to a comprehensive knowledge base. Not only does your Bot learn from each interaction but, with this plugin, it will also draw from the information stocked in this sophisticated knowledge base.

Reduce the number of straightforward requests from your support queue, allowing your agents to focus on more complex queries requiring a human touch; a key driver in customer satisfaction.

Connect with end-users on any device & through any channel: website, social media, email, messaging apps, SMS.


Keep it conversational! With advanced Natural Language Processing, your customers can communicate with your Bot in a language that comes naturally to them.

Leverage insight from real-time data to learn what works & where improvements can be made.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • « As a company that focuses heavily on contact rates Ouigo is passionate about self-service support methods as we see it as beneficial for both the company and our customers. The idea being to empower our customers with pertinent, everywhere, anytime access to support information so they can help themselves. »

    Cecile Delalieu - Head of Customer RelationshipOUIGO
  • « We have managed to significantly reduce the time we spend processing questions, while also improving our services, thanks to feedback from our users. Thanks a lot Smart Tribune! »

    Damien Jordan - Head of CommunicationHETIC
  • « Smart Tribune allows us to quickly identify potential problems and make relevant improvements. »

    Julien Nicault - CEOCinemur

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