Smart Bot

Your always-on, personal customer service assistant

Enhanced customer self-service that never sleeps

Smart Bot is an advanced virtual support agent that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to answer up to 80% of your customers’ most frequently asked questions and even automate a number of basic business functions. Aside from providing instant and accurate support 24/7, in a conversational and brand-relevant way, Smart Bot helps brands boost conversions and improve customer satisfaction across the entire customer journey. And should there ever be an issue too complex for Smart Bot to handle, it always knows exactly when to get your support team involved to complete the interaction.


Smart Bot offers on-the-spot customer support that always puts customers first.

Up to 40%

Reduce customer support
contact rates by up to 40%


Provide ‘always on’
customer support, available 24/7


Create a 100% bespoke, branded chatbot experience

Smart Bot in action

  • Offer personalised, concierge-like customer service anywhere across your site and mobile apps


  • Create an enhanced customer experience that boosts conversions and customer satisfaction


  • Simplify the purchase journey with accurate answers about products and services on-the-spot


  • Fully automate basic business functions via simple chat conversations (i.e. energy meter readings)
  • Automatically answer up to 80% of your customers’ most frequently asked questions


  • Reduce the number of inquiries into your customer support team by up to 40%


  • Transfer complex inquiries over to your customer support team naturally, without ever disrupting the customer experience
  • Easily create, edit, and publish support content from a single, easy-to-use hub


  • Measure, refine, and optimise Smart Bot responses in real-time for increased relevance

The Smart Bot difference

Provide omnichannel support.

Weave Smart Bot seamlessly across your desktop and mobilewebsite as well as on the messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you already use to support your customers.

Leverage all your resources.

Supercharge your chatbot by integrating it with your Smart FAQ help centre and knowledge base, giving customers even more ways to get instant and accurate answers to their questions at first contact.

Drive customer autonomy.

Offer your customers 24/7 access to an intelligent virtual assistant that can answer as much as 80% of your customers’ most frequently asked questions in a conversational manner and even fully automate certain basic business functions.

Stay true to your brand.

Let Smart Bot be an extension of your brand by adapting it to the look, feel, voice, and tone of your online presence effortlessly via our custom design and implementation services.

Boost support team efficiency.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce up to 40% of customer support requests while also enabling Smart Bot to learn how to respond to questions more effectively on its own.

Improve response accuracy.

Optimise conversation flows, edit and update support content, and measure the effectiveness of your responses to questions in real-time via our powerful and easy-to-use Smart Dashboard.

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