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A better way to FAQ

Smart FAQ is an intuitive, fully-customisable, and multilingual Help Centre that puts customer service in your customers’ hands. Even better, Smart FAQ is both SEO-optimised from day one and powered by the industry’s latest natural language search technologies, making it easier than ever to surface useful and relevant information from your knowledge base to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions—on any device and at all hours of the day.


Smart FAQ is simply a better way to empower your customers to help themselves.

The Smart FAQ difference

Support customer autonomy.

Offer an adaptive and dynamic search experience that surfaces relevant answers based on search intent and empowers your customers to answer up to 70% of their most frequently asked questions on their own.

Improve answers over time

Measure and improve the relevance of your FAQ content in real-time with interactive satisfaction scoring.

Create a better experience.

Weave FAQ content seamlessly across your entire website, all without ever disrupting the brand experience or your customer’s journey, with our highly personalised and bespoke approach to implementation.

 Drive support agent efficiency.

Deflect up to 49% of tier-1 support requests by embedding dynamic FAQ search directly into your contact form, freeing up support agents to handle more complex customer needs.

Boost brand visibility.

See up to a 10% lift in organic traffic to your website and boost your overall SEO ranking by making it easy for customers to find answers to their questions quickly, effortlessly, and directly on the search engine results page via advanced SEO optimisation.

React fast to customer needs.

Keep a close eye on what keywords customers are searching for most frequently as well as how well and accurately your FAQ content is addressing their ever-changing needs via our powerful Smart Dashboard.

Smart FAQ in action

Offer an intuitive, interactive, information-rich customer self-service experience.

Enable customers to find FAQ information easily by seamlessly integrating it into your website.

Make all of the information from your knowledge base available 24/7.

Surface the most relevant FAQ information across all pages of your website.

Create a frictionless, autonomous, and information-rich customer journey.

Integrate the powerful Smart FAQ search engine directly into your contact form. 

Automatically suggest relevant answers based on customer intent.

Deflect up to 49% of tier-1 support requests by leading customers back to your FAQ page.


Weave our natural language-based search engine across your entire website to be able to surface relevant and useful information at all times.


Drive added relevance to your website’s search results by using our search engine to supercharge your existing search infrastructure.

Easily create, edit, and publish all of your Q&A information from a single, easy-to-use hub.

Measure, refine, and optimise your responses in real-time for increased relevance.

Proactively identify new FAQ content by monitoring search intent and keyword frequency. 

Make your FAQ content easily searchable and immediately accessible on the search results page.

Increase your chances of being featured in Google’s Position 0 (“featured snippet”).

Drive up to 10% more traffic to your website via our advanced SEO optimisation capabilities.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • « We have managed to significantly reduce the time we spend processing questions, while also improving our services, thanks to feedback from our users. Thanks a lot Smart Tribune! »

    Damien Jordan - Head of CommunicationHETIC
  • « Smart Tribune offers intuitive solutions for our users. Before starting the project we were unsure of the direction we wanted to go in, but the customisation and flexibilty of Smart Tribune's solutions, in the end, were a perfect match. Not to mention the technical ease at which Smart Tribune can be set up and configured, with minimal disruption to existing tools. »

    Thierry Quéré - Head of Operations, Monitoring & ReportingAliapur
  • « As a company that focuses heavily on contact rates Ouigo is passionate about self-service support methods as we see it as beneficial for both the company and our customers. The idea being to empower our customers with pertinent, everywhere, anytime access to support information so they can help themselves. »

    Cecile Delalieu - Head of Customer RelationshipOUIGO

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