Smart Push


The right information at the right time.

Smart Push is a 24/7 support widget that can be seamlessly embedded across your website, without ever disrupting the customer experience. In fact, it enhances it. Smart Push enables you to provide customers with highly personalised, in-context support that is proven to move them more effectively through the purchase funnel and boost confidence in their purchase decisions


Smart Push reassures your customers that you’ve always got their back.


Increase conversion rate
by up to 20%


Reduce shopping cart
by 2-5%


Weave it across 100% of your website and mobile app

Smart Push in action

1 - FAQ dynamique (2)
  • Dynamically uncover highly personalised, timely, and relevant support content based on a customer’s profile or the specific page they are visiting
1 - FAQ dynamique (3)
  • Surface relevant support content in-context at critical moments in the customer journey


  • Add an extra layer of reassurance that boosts confidence in your customers’ purchase decisions
Smart Push - Dashboard
  • Easily create, edit, and publish support content from a single, easy-to-use hub


  • Measure, refine, and optimise Smart Push content in real-time for increased relevance


  • Use data to learn how your customers are engaging with Smart Push content in order to improve the overall customer experience over time

The Smart Push difference

Be where your customers go.

Integrate the Smart Push support widget across your entire website to give customers instant access to useful information and to ensure they feel supported throughout the customer journey.

Personalise support content.

Anticipate customer questions in real-time by dynamically surfacing relevant FAQ content in the support widget, based on information in their customer profile or in your third-party CRM, their browsing behaviors, and wherever they happen to be on your website at any time.

Boost conversions.

Reassure customers by surfacing relevant support content at crucial moments in the customer journey, helping them make purchase decisions with greater confidence. 

Minimize disruptions.

Place relevant support content seamlessly side-by-side with important product or service information to keep customers along the purchase journey and guide them towards conversion.

Offer omnichannel support.

Provide exceptional service on all of the channels your customers want to use by integrating third-party contact options alongside relevant support content.

 Surface better content.

Tap into the power of our natural language-based search engine to give customers instant access to all of your knowledge base via the Smart FAQ help centre.

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