Smart Push

Offer personalised assistance the length of the customer journey

Enrich the digital experience by opting for Smart Push, our innovative web widget.


Smart Push suggests relevant support content based on a user’s profile & browser behaviour. Smart Push can be added to any page to solve support requests without disrupting the customer journey.

Enrich the digital experience

Cut your attrition rate
by creating a more intuitive website
that is a pleasure to navigate.

Maximise your conversion rate
by pre-empting consumer anxiety
with personalised, in-context support.

Personalise support content
based on your customers’ profile &
& their online behaviour.

Automatically trigger
Smart Push based on a user’s actions & their profile.

Don’t leave your end-users hanging;
re-direct them to the appropriate channel to qualify,
convert or offer additional support.

 Get a closer understanding of your customers &
 track the most viewed question per page.

Be proactive not reactive

Smart Push DPD

Offer personalised assistance every step of the way with Smart Push: A contextual web widget, fully customisable to integrate seamlessly with your overall brand. Implement Smart Push on any page to offer relevant support to your users’ most pressing questions when they need it.

Personalise the customer experience by suggesting relevant information at the right time: Adapt suggested articles based on a user’s profile (first time customer v returning customer) and where they are on the customer journey (Homepage v Checkout).

Back office Smart Tribune

Gauge the quality of your articles & user satisfaction through a simple satisfaction survey

Leverage the data captured by Smart Push to continuously adapt & improve.

The right information at the right time

Our personalised web widget can be installed on any page of your website; you’ll never be more than a click way.


Don’t interrupt the user journey! Offer personalised, in-context support without leaving the page.

Optimise the user journey thanks to insights from your data.

Smart Tribune processes over 0
questions & answers for thousands of users, each and every month.

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