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Innovation as a competitive advantage

In a world of constant change, innovation has become a principal for success. Rest assured that a high-tech, forward thinking and transformative culture is woven into our DNA here at Smart Tribune. 50% of our team is eyes down on research & development, day in day out. It keeps our products one step ahead, and our clients too.


In collaborating with Smart Tribune you’ll be positioned at the forefront of innovation in the fields of SaaS solutions, predictive technology, bots and artificial intelligence. As our solutions help boost conversions and reduce support costs in the here and now, we’ll be busily keeping an eye on the ‘what’s next’ so you are in the best position to reap the rewards tomorrow.

Don’t just take our word for it !

  • « Smart Tribune allows us to quickly identify potential problems and make relevant improvements quickly. »

    Julien Nicault - CEOCinemur
  • « Smart Tribune offers intuitive solutions for our customers. Before starting this project, we didn’t know what direction we wanted to go in, but the customisability and flexibility of Smart Tribune's solutions made it a perfect match. Not to mention, they’re really easy to set up and configure without disrupting existing tools »

    Thierry Quéré - Head of Operations, Monitoring & ReportingAliapur
  • « As a company that focuses heavily on contact rates, Ouigo is passionate about customer self-service support methods. We think it’s beneficial for both the company and our customers. Our primary goal is to empower our customers with access to pertinent information, anytime and anywhere, so they can help themselves. »

    Cecile Delalieu - Head of Customer RelationshipOUIGO

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Innovative SaaS tools to transform your customer relationship, steering your users towards intuitive, contextual & pertinent support at each stage of the customer journey. With best-practice built-in!



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