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Not just a software developer

Smart Tribune prides itself in accompanying our clients from A to Z in delivering effective, measurable, self-service implementations to meet unique goals & requirements. Whilst our SaaS products form the basis of any project, it is our consultative, fully-managed approach that sets us apart. As our experts are 100% focused on self-service support only, you can be sure that this crucial part of your customer experience strategy is in the safest of hands.

Easy-to-deploy SAAS cloud solutions

One size doesn’t fit all

With experience delivering over 100 self-service projects, our experts understand the importance of a personalised & tailored approach for each & every customer. That’s why all of our projects begin with a kick-off meeting to listen to your needs before working together to define your KPIs, your design requirements , your timeline, your overall objectives…


In it for the long term

A project doesn’t end at the ‘go-live’ date but continues with regular intervention, advice & support. Keeping a constant eye on your self-service KPIs guarantees the support you bring to your customers remains relevant and in-tune with what they are looking for. It helps guarantee long-term customer satisfaction for your clients, and for ours.


A consultative approach

Experts in self-service support & with over 100 product launches under their belt, our team are always keen to share their expertise. Self service consulting workshops, post-launch training & best practice reviews – with the help of our experts, strengthen your agents’ skills and bring industry best practices to your company.

Don’t just take our word for it!

  • « We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with Smart Tribune, not only by the quality of the Help Centre solution itself (integration with current system, configuration, flexibility, reliability and access to reliable data) but also with their guidance, leadership & willingness to listen to our needs (understanding our issues, project management, professional and technical relations, tailored widgets). »

    direct energie
    Thierry Moussu - Head of Digital RelationsDirect Energie
  • « Our Contextual Help Centre has become pivotal in our customer relationship management. It serves as the go-to for simple questions our clients ask. Initial feedback from clients has been very positive, suggesting that the self-service software has become second nature to them. The value that our agents can bring is now focused on dealing with more complex email and telephone queries. »

    Laure Drocourt - Assistant Director - Print and Online MembershipLe
  • « Smart Tribune offers intuitive solutions for our users. Before starting the project we were unsure of the direction we wanted to go in, but the customisation and flexibilty of Smart Tribune's solutions, in the end, were a perfect match. Not to mention the technical ease at which Smart Tribune can be set up and configured, with minimal disruption to existing tools. »

    Thierry Quéré - Head of Operations, Monitoring & ReportingAliapur

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