Smart Tribune

Connected with your customer

Delivering a first-rate customer experience for online consumers is no easy feat for today’s customer service teams. With support requests popping up across multiple channels, from a time-pressed digital consumer who has ever-higher expectations, brands across all industries are struggling to keep up.


To help ease the workload, Smart Tribune have crafted a suite of self-service solutions designed to take the pressure of support teams whilst delivering the customer experience today’s digital consumer has come to expect. More than just a software developer, Smart Tribune sits as an innovator, at the service of your brand as much as for your customers.

Staying one step ahead with Self Service

Concretely, our approach is to help end users help themselves before they even think about picking up the phone, sending an email, starting a chat… A proactive, intuitive and eager approach that stays one step ahead of your customer to cut low-complexity tickets out of your support queue.

By making the right information available to customers in the right place, at the right time, this e-support service will render your users independent in their search for answers to their burning questions. They’ll appreciate the anytime, anywhere, any device support, your support team will appreciate the time saved to work on more complex requests.

Over 15 years’ experience

Since 2011, Smart Tribune experts have accompanied organisations right the way from initial project conception through to product launch & beyond. Managing any technical constraints & design requirements, our team deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of our customers.

  • Reduce support requests to your contact centre
  • Cut response times to end-user queries
  • Enrich your customer knowledge base
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Stimulate your R&D
  • Deliver a great customer experience

Smart Tribune works with some of the biggest brands in France and internationally (SNCF, Total, ETAM group, Interflora, AXA Insurance, WWF, Meetic…) to reimagine, develop and enrich the online experience for their customers.

  • Using Smart Tribune, up to 70% of support requests could be deflected through customers self-serving.

Smart Tribune founders Jérémy, Christopher and Samy felt that end-users had lost their place at the heart of digital interactions; to rectify this Smart Tribune was born. After successfully dipping their toes into the digital programming world during their studies, creating a collaborative crowdsourcing tool, they decided to launch Smart Tribune. A company focused on predictive technology, orientated towards helping customers help themselves.

Today's team is split across offices in Paris, Marseille & London. Our experts in Natural language processing, user experience and digital marketing have already helped over a hundred brands successfully implement self-service solutions, either directly or in collaboration with their web agency.

Fancy a new challenge with fantastic career opportunities in a start-up environment?

  • « Smart Tribune allows us to quickly identify potential problems and make relevant improvements. »

    Julien Nicault - CEOCinemur
  • « We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with Smart Tribune, not only by the quality of the Help Centre solution itself (integration with current system, configuration, flexibility, reliability and access to reliable data) but also with their guidance, leadership & willingness to listen to our needs (understanding our issues, project management, professional and technical relations, tailored widgets). »

    direct energie
    Thierry Moussu - Head of Digital RelationsDirect Energie
  • « Smart Tribune offers intuitive solutions for our users. Before starting the project we were unsure of the direction we wanted to go in, but the customisation and flexibilty of Smart Tribune's solutions, in the end, were a perfect match. Not to mention the technical ease at which Smart Tribune can be set up and configured, with minimal disruption to existing tools. »

    Thierry Quéré - Head of Operations, Monitoring & ReportingAliapur